Chris Hopkirk

Director of Westbrook Industrial Limited supplier of labelling and safety solutions via two sales channels ASG Services (End Users) and Warehouse Partners (Trade only)

Warehouse Floor Stencils

Floor signs are created by using self adhesive material or preparing the floor and painting over a material or steel stencil in the shape of the digits, characters or signs you want. The characters & Signs are created to provide information that can be seen by pedestrians or fork lift operators.

There are a variety of ways these can be created.

1. Painting and having an unprepared floor
2. Paining and preparing the floor
3. Self adhesive stencils

All will be at the mercy & potential damage by fork lift trucks.The most durable solution is a diamond shaved prepared floor and stencil using a 2 part epoxy paint.



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    1. Hi Eddy.

      Apologies for the delay, I have just taken over looking after the site. Is this something we can still help you with? We dont sell them directly through the site, however if you still require them i can give you a call to discuss.

      Best Regards, Jordan

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