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Director of Westbrook Industrial Limited supplier of labelling and safety solutions via two sales channels ASG Services (End Users) and Warehouse Partners (Trade only)

Re-labelling your racking the easy way

Silverback PO+ is a new label solution which, depending on the type of label specified, can be adhered in all warehouse temperatures. Printed onto a blended polyolefin material – a blend of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). The labels are specially coated to ensure maximum quality laser printing.

– Various label materials to suite either ambient or freezer temperatures
– Our unique freezer label can be applied at temperatures down to -30oC and remains effective down to -50oC – (Please specify this when ordering)
– No show through – consistent scan guaranteed
– Easy backing removal – allow for quicker installation
– Greater Impact and tear resistance so more durable to impacts.
– 100mic material allows for easier installation (This is a separate point I think)
– Unique silver coated reverse side that is 100% opaque, allowing re-labelling over existing – a major time and cost saver
– A higher strength adhesive giving improved bonding to the beam or shelf
– Lifetime scanning guarantee for all laminated labels

Material Type:

A stronger base material than vinyl or 50 micron Polyester that provides a much more durable label.
It does not stretch like vinyl so there is no barcode distortion over time.
It maintains high verification rates when scanning throughout its lifetime.
Labels can be removed as a complete label, vinyl labels and non-laminated polyester labels tear.
Thicker material and backing paper reduces labour costs considerably during reconfigurations.

Print Type:

1800 (equivalent) x 600 dpi high definition digital laser technology provides high resolution print.
Barcodes can achieve the best possible scan verification available, usually an ‘ANSI grade A Standard’.
‘No scans’ are eliminated.
Helps improve operational efficiencies with ‘Scan-&-Go’
Laminating labels with bar codes will provide additional protection against damage and potential loss of scanning quality.

Size Type:

Label sizes maximise base materials and reduce waste.
Helps to achieve a reduction in unit price.
Makes better use of label design capabilities.

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