Chris Hopkirk

Director of Westbrook Industrial Limited supplier of labelling and safety solutions via two sales channels ASG Services (End Users) and Warehouse Partners (Trade only)

Comparison between how netting performs versus steel mesh:

The soft and compliant nature of the net ensured that the impact forces resulting from the deceleration were minimised and no detectable damage to the net system or structure was noted

5mm RackNet with the addition of nodal cable ties provides the best compromise between falling debris protection and rack integrity protection available on the market today.

In tests, RackNets have been shown to significantly reduce the energy of a falling pallet, even at forces which led to damage to the net itself.

RackNets afford warehouse operators flexible and robust risk reduction from falling objects from pallet racking without imposing unacceptable horizontal loads on the racking system itself that could potentially lead to rack collapse.

Impacts equal or less severe than a 1,000kg 1m3 IBC impacting at 0.5m/s have been shown to result in no permanent damage to the RackNet system or its attachments

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