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Pallet Racking Load Notices – What are the guidelines?

The following information was taken from the SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) web site – see link to a presentation of the guidelines –

Loaded pallets stored in a warehouse can be up to 1.5 tonnes with a typical pallet weighing about one tonne – the same as a small car. If a pallet falls from 10 metres, it will take a matter of seconds to hit the floor and by then, will be travelling at around 30mph when it does.

The SEMA load notice is a key safety item intended to give out the main safety messages, deliver key pieces of specific information and be easily read by workers on the shop floor as they carry out their normal duties. It shows who supplied the equipment, whom to contact and there should be a SEMA Load Notice on every SEMA installation. But the SEMA load notice does not give every last piece of safety information and does not in any way replace formal training. Sadly, the load notice is often misunderstood and abused.

The SEMA load notice is split into three parts: general safety instructions, specific information to that installation and administrative information.

For manufacturers of pallet racking and shelving systems click here – to see the Warehouse Partners load notice builder.

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