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Goods Vehicle – Mirror Checking Stations

Mirror Checking Stations are an innovative driver safety procedure for distribution centres and yards. Installing a Mirror Checking Station ensures external vehicle mirrors are aligned for each individual driver before they start their shifts.

The line marking used to a create Mirror Checking Station is applied using our tried and tested
exterior line marking methods.

European directive

Effective use of a Mirror Checking Station ensures exterior vehicle mirrors are set correctly
enabling you to act sensibly on what you see in them.

Directive 2007/38/EC aims to improve the safety of road users, particularly of vulnerable road
users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. These groups are at high risk of being
involved in an accident with large good vehicles that have a blind spot on the passenger side.
The below diagram shows the layout guidance advised within the European Directive.

Vehicle check

A driver carries out the vehicle mirror check by positioning the vehicle in the dedicated painted Mirror Checking Station, adhering to the guidelines set out below. The driver adjusts the external mirrors of the vehicle until all of the areas marked in the checking station can be clearly seen by the driver, when positioned in the driving seat of the vehicle.

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