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Durable Internal Line Marking – Lasts from 5-10 years

Diamond Shaved FinishLine Marking – Two-part solvent free epoxy resin finish.

We will mark out the floor and then get approval from the client to proceed. We will then mark the line locations using masking tape.

We will start by preparing a shallow channel, which is a feature of Diamond Shaved lines on the floor, typically 1mm deep. For this process, we will be using a specialised diamond floor shaving machine.

The paint will be applied to the channel and levelled using paint rollers. We will apply the coat touching the tape. The tape will be removed between ½ to 1 hour to reduce drips.

All internal painted areas will take in the region of 24 to 36 hours to cure at temperatures of 15°c to 20°c, once the last coat has been applied. If this temperature can’t be achieved please discuss with an ASG manager how much more time for the materials to cure before use.

Key Benefits of our Unique Line Marking & Preparation

1. All lines are diamond shaved (as opposed to shot blasted) to a typical depth of 1mm, removing any contamination or ‘power float’ finish from the surface:

• Ensuring approximately 3 – 4 times more resin is utilised.
• This makes the line more durable.
• Leaving virgin concrete and a clean surface for the paint to key with.
• Creating an embedded surface and therefore protecting the edge of the resin which is it weakest point.

2. We will use a solvent free two-part epoxy resin
• Provides, an easy to clean surface.
• Using a solvent free epoxy resin means 95% -100% of what is laid onto the floor stays on the floor. Solvent based 2 part epoxy resins can reduce by up to 50%.

3. Unlike shot blasting the shaved preparation creates straight lines and depending on the floor condition will minimise the affects of bleed or flaking when paint is applied.

• Provides a finish superior to any other preparation available and combined with a central shot blast walkway creates a very durable and complete finish.

Diamond shaved preparation will:

• Be substantially more durable and resistant to impact by fork lift trucks than any other preparation.
• Have accurate lines and crisp edges creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than any other process.
• Saves the operation money long term due to its low maintenance costs and extended life expectancy.

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