Chris Hopkirk

Director of Westbrook Industrial Limited supplier of labelling and safety solutions via two sales channels ASG Services (End Users) and Warehouse Partners (Trade only)

There are 5 things to consider when choosing a pallet racking location labelling system.

1. Design:
What are the labels going to look like and in what colour, you’ll also need to consider the digits and numbers as well as the size required.

2. Location File:
This is usually in an excel format and identifies every location with a reference number based on where it is in the  warehouse and your racking system.

3. Forklift Truck:
What type of forklift truck will you be using, will it be operated from the ground or from a rising cab. This will be important in the design of the location system.

4. Racking:
Double check with your racking supplier how the beams and uprights are manufactured. Do they have flat surfaces or not. This will determine the type of material and size of label and can have a bearing on installation timings.

5. Installation:
All labelling system needs to be installed in the correct order and straight. Consider employing an experienced company to install these as fitting 20,000+ labels can be demanding and time consuming if you use your own employees

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